The goal of the Care Management is to ensure effective and efficient access to care, services, and resources that are appropriate to meet the needs of women and girls living with HIV/AIDS and their families. The aim is to provide compassionate, empowering, and non-judgmental family care and support services in a culturally appropriate context. Women, girls, and families are experts in identifying their own needs, therefore care services must be flexible enough to address the distinct needs of each individual woman, girl and family.

Ultimately, we seek to increase women’s sense of self worth and support women in sustaining their care and treatment. Women often receive services in a variety of ways and settings. Staff is trained in client-centered advocacy and work diligently to ensure women are served in a timely, respectful, and culturally appropriate method by the agency and by our collaborative partners. We aim to empower women to be strong advocates for themselves, their families, and other women within the care system.

If you are a woman living with HIV/AIDS and need assistance please contact us – we are here to support you.