The Women’s Collective developed the H.E.R. (Help + Empowerment + Resources) program to reduce the number of HIV transmissions in high-risk communities of Washington DC Wards 5, 7, 8 and Prince George’s County, Maryland. Our work will continue as long as HIV continues.


H = Help

For the past 30 years the mission of The Women’s Collective has been to provide help to women with HIV and their families living with or at risk for HIV and Hepatitis C. We grew from a single phone line to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and in the process, we expanded our mission to HIV prevention, care, and support services. We offer peer-to-peer support, education, screening, HIV prevention and treatment counseling, referrals, and support groups, among other services.


E = Empowerment

Empowerment is best way to prevent HIV and Hepatitis C, and to encourage HIV-positive women and their loved ones to seek treatment. We work to provide culturally competent, woman-centered resources focused on helping women and girls to recognize their own strength. We assist them with daily challenges, while supporting them at every stage. The H.E.R. experience is a rare sisterhood and kinship that promotes a safe space to navigate HIV prevention and treatment for anyone who self identifies as a woman.


R = Resources

Women and girls learn that they are not alone on this journey. The H.E.R. program provides outreach services and resources that enable women and girls to take charge of their lives and health. We believe that on-going support increases prevention, adherence to medications and care plans, offers psycho-social support to women and families, and provides a vital link to basic needs. Situations change and we are here to meet all the unexpected issues that arise.

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The Women’s Collective developed the H.E.R. (Help + Empowerment + Resources) program to reduce the number of HIV transmissions. Our mission is to impact communities at highest risk. Please contact us if you feel your community (in the DC metropolitan area) could benefit from H.E.R.


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