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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dear Friends,

 How do you prevent 23 people from becoming HIV-positive and save $8 million dollars?

 The Women’s Collective knows how. Over the past three years, we have been a community partner in the Female Condom (FC2) Initiative in Washington DC. This initiative is an innovative public-private partnership to prevent HIV/AIDS transmission in the District of Columbia, funded by the MAC AIDS Fund and led by the Washington AIDS Partnership. The project is designed to promote the FC2 among providers, train peer educators to increase awareness and understanding of the female condom, and increase the number of women using the FC2 to prevent HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted infections.

 The FC2 is so vital to HIV-prevention efforts because it empowers women, especially those at greatest risk, to protect themselves with a womancontrolled tool. In fact, a study of the FC2 program published in the journal AIDS and Behavior (March 2012) found that program training increased acceptance among women — and even some men — and that it prevented 23 HIV infections in the first year. This translated into more than $8 million in medicalcare cost savings.

 As part of this tremendously effective effort, TWC trained 328 peer educators, provided 19,096 individuals with educational sessions and outreach — while distributing over 60,000 female condoms to individuals directly and reaching over 500 distribution sites in the District!

 Debbie's quoteThis incredible work is only one of the many services that TWC provides every day to meet the self-defined needs of women, girls, and their families living with, or at–risk for, HIV/AIDS.  We are here for women and girls — from our life-saving prevention work to our comprehensive care services that leverage the power of peers to connect individuals with HIV to medical care and social services. These Community Health Workers provide trust-based information and education; help clients overcome fear, denial, and stigma; conduct outreach and support in the community; and take the time to walk clients through the often overwhelming healthcare system.

What also makes us unique is that as a direct service provider we are committed to providing a voice for girls, women and families through local, national, and international policy and advocacy work. We believe women and girls deserve to be at the table to inform the policy that affects their very lives. 

Please consider being part of our work through the many creative ways you can support our work!


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