Referrals & Support Services

In accordance with our mission to empower women, we believe in offering options to them for locating the services that best meet their needs—options enable women to stay in care vs. just dropping out. We provide focused referrals and linkages to essential services both within and outside the agency in order to support women and girls in attending to their self-identified needs and to move them along the prevention to care continuum. TWC maintains an extensive and thorough referral and linkages network to address as many needs as possible that arise in the lives of women and girls.

We are also committed to support women and met their self-defined needs with a variety of support services and resources that include:

  • Implementing strategies that reducing barriers to access and care by providing:
    • Transportation assistance to and from appointments
    • Incentives to support recruitment and retention in care
  • FREE male and female condoms and other safe sex materials and kits
  • FREE information on prevention and care
  • FREE HIV counseling and testing services
  • FREE urine drug screening, as available
  • FREE hygiene kits


juneWould you like to learn more? Contact June Pollydore, CTR Program Coordinator