Monday, July 30, 2012, out of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, learns more about the female condom or FC2 from Meron Keberab, Program Assistant at TWC, who supports the work of our Female Condom Center of Excellence (FCCoE). Meron was at our table in the Global Village educating others on the FC2.

To learn more about the FCCoE contact Meron. To read the article in English, click Read More below.

The female condom is currently the only option for a woman to protect its own initiative against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, plus it protects against an unwanted pregnancy. Because the female condom can controlled by women, and does not require the same degree of cooperation required of the man, when using the male condom.

Meron Keberab, of The Women's Collective based in Washington, explains, several users indicate that "the outer ring stimulates the clitoris producing more satisfaction for women and the inner ring often touches the penis, which produces more pleasure for the man. "

Surveys of men who have accepted that their partner use the female condom indicate that the feeling for them is more like not using protection during sex, compared to when using the male condom.

Created in 1983, the female condom is as effective as the male condom but does not enjoy such popularity, possibly because it is not so easy to get and in some countries, the cost is prohibitive. Female condoms and male condoms, come in different kinds of odors and flavors. The cheapest and most popular is the FC2, which is manufactured in Malaysia.

Although they are also producing condoms in China, India and Indonesia, the coordinator of the Society for Family Health, SFH, Victoria Archibong, said that "one of the biggest challenges is the insufficient amount available in certain countries where it is difficult for the sustainable use of the product so that it does not lose its momentum. "

Large public campaigns are conducted in countries like Nigeria and Cameron with funds from global organizations like UAFC and SFH. Washington is the city where female condom use is more widespread in the United States. And there, at the XIX International Conference on HIV and AIDS, we were taught how to use it.

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