Advancing the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Women living with HIV/AIDS

Research indicates advocacy is required to address the lack of awareness, as well as policy
and programmatic gaps, regarding the rights and health needs of women and girls living with
HIV or AIDS. There is unevenness in health providers’ understanding of the sexual and
reproductive health of women living with HIV or AIDS. Additionally, more must be done to
ensure that HIV-positive women and girls are aware of their rights so they can serve as their
own self-advocates.

The toolkit emphasizes the socioeconomic needs of WLWHA, because the circumstances that
arise from those needs remaining unfulfilled often bar access to sexual and reproductive
healthcare. The four elements of the toolkit are each designed to reach a different audience. These are:

  1. “Women Take Charge of Your Sexual & Reproductive Health” Brochure to educate
    WLWHA on their rights with regard to sexual and reproductive health
  2. A factsheet for providers from the perspective of WLWHA
  3. Sexual and Reproductive Health: What it means for Women living with HIV/AIDS
    PowerPoint presentation targeting SHR advocates and providers
  4. HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health in the District of Columbia” Policy Paper
    suitable for a general audience.

Also available are the original press release and the toolkit introduction